Custom Myopia Management solutions... for all stages of life!

One size does not fit all.


Risk assessment, lifestyle considerations, monitoring.

Progressive myopia

Customized Myopia Control solutions to slow progression.

  • bespoke Ortho-K / AOK
  • peripheral defocus spectacles
  • multi-focality soft contact lenses
  • atropine eye drops

Established / high myopia

Vision correction options, eye health management.

  • premium spectacle lenses
  • rigid / soft contact lenses
  • laser / refractive surgery co-management
  • advanced diagnostics & imaging
We've got the tech to support you.

Dr. So uses various technologies to manage myopia for all stages of your life, from early, progressive, to established myopia. 

"The best time to consider treatment is when myopia begins; the second best time is now."* 

*consult your eye care professional for individual advice, or book a myopia management consultation with us.


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